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William Nelson Jr.  was born and raised in Roselle, New Jersey. His musical journey began as a child in church. His first instrument was steel guitar at the age of 7, then switched to lead guitar a few years later.  He was self taught and learned to play by ear but his primary influences were both Robert Randolph and his father William Nelson Sr., who both were musicians in the church. As his life progressed, he decided to not pursue a career in music due to his fear of what society says about having a career as a music. He first attended Rutgers University, pursuing a career in Civil Engineering. He went through the motions at Rutgers trying to figure out his true passion, when it existed in him since birth. A turning point in his life occurred in his psychology class when the professor put on a video that asked, "What would you do everyday of your life to make you happy if money was no object?". Nelson instantly thought of music! He immediately blocked out all fear and applied to the prestigious Berklee College of Music where he received a Bachelors of Music Degree in Contemporary Writing and Production.

William Nelson is known for his tasteful touch, musical sensitivity which becomes transparent to his listeners regardless of the genre. Whether it's when he picks up his guitar, produces a song or composes an arrangement, his touch is felt in every thing he creates.  Having a mixture of an innate gift with intense musical study has given him the ability to wear multiple hats in the industry. He works as a Producer, Engineer, Composer and Multi-instrumentalist, tying them all together to better communicate the language of music. He believes that it is extremely important to bridge the gap between the technical and creative side of music. He says, "It allows us to articulate what's hiding inside of us that our inner voice may be heard." Inspiring and uniting the world through music is his purpose. Whether its Jazz, R&B, Funk, Gospel, Rock, Pop Or Country , He finds his own accent in them all. 

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